Dudley’s Doggy Water Bottle

The hottest trending water bottle of 2021! Dudley’s easy use doggy water bottle uses a locking mechanism to make hydrating your dog a walk in the park. 

How to use

  1. Keep the bottle horizontal, slide lock key right to unlock, press water key to fill water. Release Water key to stop water.
  2. After feeding, slide lock key left to lock and prevent the water leakage.


  • Keep the puppy dog water bottle out of hot water over 176℉/80℃
  • Don’t wash with dish-washing machine
  • Don’t press water key hard when lock key is locking
  • Don’t put these in the cup: dry ice, chocolate, soda water, milk etc

 Key Features

  • Leak-proof
  • No water waste
  • Safe material
  • One hand operation
  • One key to open/lock water

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